Weekend Recap {Chicago}

October 14, 2014

This past weekend was such a blur, but so much fun! Started off Thursday heading down to Seaside, Fl to meet with one of Jason's best friends from home and his family, they were down on vacation and since we were flying out from Panama City super early the next day, we figured it made sense! If you've never been to Seaside, I highly suggest going, even for a day trip!  The tiny little town is literally out of magazines an story books.  The only downside, the crowds during peak season.  Everyone is down on fall break and it was literally the Spring Break of middle schoolers. (The things these girls were wearing, yikes!  I doubt mother dearest back home was aware.  Oops.)  

Anyway, there are food trucks, that's right, the cutest little food trucks in the old metal camper things making the town so cute it hurts.  We got grilled cheeses from one and they were ah-maz-ing.  Gourmet grilled cheeses, what could be better?!  Then we headed to a tiny froyo/ice cream/fudge shop.  Everyone got ice cream but me.  Obviously I went for a chunk of the most delicious peanut butter fudge ever. Yum. 

It was dark when we got there but the trees lining the street are filled with string lights, how. adorable. 

We spent the rest of the weekend in Chicago for the Chicago Marathon, which Jason ran in, and finished!  It was fun, as always, seeing and meeting the elite runners.  Annnnnd as soon as we landed, we headed to Charles Ifergan Salon to get my hair done!  Thanks to Living Social, I found THE best salon in Chicago and got a great deal.  I can't talk enough good things about my stylist, Rachel!  (Anyone in the Chicago area, give her a call, so worth it!)  

The weekend seemed to fly by, but it was so much fun, and I'm so proud of Jason for finishing the marathon, again!  

The cutest little restaurant we ate at for brunch in the Atlanta airport, delicious crêpes, and the book covered walls. 

 The gorgeous view of Lake Michigan and Grant Park from our hotel room! 

There are so many pictures from the weekend, I'll definitely be posting more pictures and less wordy posts! :)

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