Marley Lilly Black Friday

November 27, 2014

We all know monograms go with everything, and that Marley Lilly has the most amazing selection of monogram-able lovelies.  We also know that tomorrow is Black Friday, one of the best days of the year for incredible deals, and do I have one for you! 

You know those adorable blanket scarves everyone has been wanting but they sell out like, immediately?  Well tomorrow, at Marley Lilly, you get a free Christmas Plaid Blanket Scarf just like mine with any purchase of $100 or more!  You can take care of all your gifts for Christmas and get that coveted blanket scarf!  Seriously, sweet deal!  Don't forget to shop Marley Lilly tomorrow and get your free Christmas Plaid Blanket Scarf

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  1. Next time could you may be also post and tell us about black friday and how the whole thing began, its origins and all. I think that will be a really interesting post and good for your blog.


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