Work Overload

November 10, 2014

Literally, this last week has been overloaded with work.  Being that I got a new job!  Or maybe I should just say I got A job haha... I'm excited to finally be working, even though it's not a teaching job, it's one I have enjoyed in the past and do now!  Retail.  Yikes!  

I worked in retail for a few years through school and then didn't have a job at all for the last couple years.  Moving to Alabama delayed everything about getting my teaching certificate (which is still in the works...yay..) and it got to the point where I had to start looking for other jobs and here I am, at the most amazing clothing store in the area!  Full-time of course, which accounts for my absense this last week.  Sorry! 

Nine hour days have been no fun for my feet or energy level once I get home, but after a full week working, I think I'm getting back into the swing of things!  I think lunch breaks will become blogging breaks haha, but hey, whatever works! 

Props to all you out there working and blogging...makes going to school and blogging seem easy!  For me anyway. :)  So, that's how my life has been going, yay for money and being around the most amazing clothes and people all day! 

Have any of you had some major/exciting changes lately?! 

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