Freeing My Style

April 22, 2015

I don't know about y'all, but sometimes I feel like being a hippie. Or just changing things up from my "typical look," which would seem to be the classic "preppy" (I wish I could think of another word but, oh whale) look, with nautical inspo, navy and white stripes, chinos, Lilly, and the list goes on. To be honest, embracing such a different look has widened my outlook on style, made me more adventurous in putting outfits together, and feeling more confident in them because to me, this look is more about freely putting pieces together, whether they "match" or not. 

I've put together some of my favorite pieces that are easy to transition with and can easily be incorporated into your closet and every day wear. I personally own a few of these pieces and lemme tell you, that tee and long sleeve thermal (which both come in a myriad of colors) are absolutely to die for. Literally the softest things I've ever put on my body. But really.

Also, in case you didn't see my OOTD post on Instagram yesterday, it's a perfect example of me embracing the Free People lifestyle. Which is where *most* of these pieces are from! (Link to my Insta is in the sidebar! Follow me! :) )

Free People

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  1. I'm sooo glad you're back Maggie! I totally agree with this post, I don't think that anyone should feel forced to stay with one "style" look.


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