Yoga mat

April 24, 2015

During my "brief" time away from here, I started doing some yoga! We all know I hate running and such, but this, is enjoyable. It's relaxing and energizing all at the same time, and it's not just stretching, which is kind of what I thought about it before I started. There was this one work out that made my upper abs so sore I thought something was wrong with me. That's how long it's been since I've done a core workout. Yeah, I thought I was dying. But I digress. 

I'm seriously encouraging you to start! You honestly don't need a single thing, the first several times I did it, I did it in my pajamas and on the fluffy rug in my bedroom, you only need (if you chose to start this way) is YouTube! I watched the 30 Days of Yoga series by Yoga With Adrienne, and it was awesome! She's great! Takes it seriously but not TOO seriously, she makes you feel right at (home) beginner or not, and beginner I was. Give. It. A. Shot. 30 minutes or less of your day, you can do it. Promise. 

We all know, however, that cute workout gear makes getting started much easier, and here are some really cute mats to get you started! I personally have the yellow Lolë one, I love the bright color and the thickness of the mat, but it's totally up to you on how much you spend, you can get some great ones at Target and TJMaxx too!  

Yoga mat

Do any of you do yoga already? I'd love to hear any tips or tricks you may have! 

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  1. Yoga is one of the best exercises that not just relaxes your body but also your mind. I also love to do yoga at least thrice a week as it gives me peace of mind while keeping me fit.


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