DIY {Pen Bouquet}

August 01, 2015

What better way to start school with a beautiful bouquet on your desk/counter everyday, that's also super practical?  College student, teacher, mom who constantly needs a pen to sign last minute permission slips but can never find one, or anyone who needs a pen really..ever... Anyway, basically everyone needs a pen bouquet, and they're so inexpensive! 

What you need:
pack of pens (I got a pack of 10 from Target for $1!)
faux flowers (I found it's cheaper to get a bouquet but you can get anything you want, this is where it can get expensive! This bouquet was $16 but I used a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby for it!)
floral tape (comes with 2 rolls ~ $3)
vase/container (I found this amazing one for $1 at a thrift store, score!) 

Cut the flowers leaving 2-3in. of stem. I couldn't completely cut the stems with the scissors, just the outer part, but the wire broke by just bending it. 

You may choose to skip this part, but it's a good way to use all your pens, but I cut the stems into two, making two sets of leaves, leaving 2-3in. below. If you do this, you'll also want to trim the stem above the leaves to 1/2-1in. I find it easier to wrap the end, making sure it won't be poking anyone. 

Here you can see how I've wrapped the tape above and below the leaves, the flower parts are easier, only one end of the stem to worry about! 

*Note: If you've never used floral tape, it isn't sticky until you start working with it, the adhesive...activates?...with the heat from your fingers. And beware, I had a bit of residue left on my fingers so you may wanna throw on some latex gloves or something. 

Make sure you wrap the ends well, you don't want them poking through the tape!

Four of the flowers I made even with the pen, the last I extended a little so it would stick up taller in the vase. 

Final product! 

If anyone makes this, make sure and tag me, I'd love to see! (Instagram: @maggieteitloff    Twitter: @southern_preppy

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  1. Beautiful but just a question why would one have pen under flower? it would be awkward if we use it to sign any document in front of anyone. Anyways, thank you for sharing it


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